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REGATRON DC & AC Power Sources: Modular - precisely engineered - technologically advanced.

High Flexibility even with Megawatt Power

Several megawatts of e-power with compact programmable power supplies - unthinkable just a few years ago - but already state of the art today! Rapid advances in power electronics and battery technology is making it possible for electric energy to move into areas of application that were traditionally reserved for fossil fuels due to their high power levels.

Flexibitity and Dynamics

Go a step further! Simulate real AC grids with REGATRON's new 'Grid Impedance Simulation' feature

With the increasing decentralized operation of public power grids, it is no longer just the performance criteria of the grid that are of great importance. Rather, due to the growing number of active grid participants such as solar plants, wind power plants and charging stations, the dynamic properties like the grid impedance and the characteristic time response of the AC grid are becoming more and more important.

Grid Impedance Simulation

REGATRON Power Supplies – Made for the Extraordinary!

Even in the field of technology, the 'straight path' is not necessarily the best solution. Careful planning, decades of experience in a wide range of applications and solid engineering work make REGATRON power supplies reliable, versatile and robust components, even for complex and unusual applications – made for the extraordinary!

Power Supplies

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