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REGATRON DC & AC Power Sources: Modular - precisely engineered - technologically advanced.

TC.ACS Grid Simulator Series Now with Extended Functionality for Development and Testing of Grid-Connected Inverters

The new High Impedance Mode allows the simulation of phase failures and short-term mains interruptions. Other features have been optimized.

TCS.ACS Grid Simulator | New High Impedance Mode

High-current DC Power Supply from REGATRON: Nominal current 6084 A, nominal power 162 kW, footprint 1 m² (10.7 sq ft)

Bidirectional, source, or sink – regenerative – highly dynamic and highly accurate – parallel, series, and matrix operation – highest current and power density

High DC Current | very small footprint

New function in TC.ACS Grid Simulator allows higher currents, e.g. when testing single-phase on-board chargers for e-cars

REGATRON's Grid Simulators offer significant advantages when testing chargers up to 22 kW. Now, double the rated current is available in single-phase operation.

Grid Simulation for on-board charger testing

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